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Divan Erasmus

Chapter 01

Section 03


There are benefits in having a consistent, ongoing Search Engine Optimization strategy. The first time in marketing, users offer up their intent into search engines, you can measure results of your SEO efforts. Search engines don’t charge for listing your web pages, Implementing SEO in your organization is not free. Spend time, money, and resources to do this the right.


This can help you obtain a marketing reach, attract more targeted visitors, measure your efforts in a return on your investment. Content appear on the web every second, every day; your customers need search engines to make sense of it all. The bigger the web, search engine usage grows year after year. People search for answers to questions, buy products, place to eat, book travel, news, about everything we do starts with search. Not just PC anymore. Connected mobile and tablet devices have access to search anywhere in the world.


What people search, says a lot about their intentions, actions they intend at a specific moment. This has been the holy grail of market research. If somebody search for hiking, or to buy a camera, as a marketer react to what they’re looking for. Search engines match those search queries to pages that match, if you sell a camera, which means you can create relevant content that meet the needs of the searcher.


SEO essentially provide a stream of targeted intentional traffic. The benefit of Search Engine Optimization is to measure results. Use your website data to find out how successful you are in search engine, see if users’ actions are in line with your goals. You can evaluate your content in attracting users through sales funnel, measure what they do, and don’t do, on your website.

Attach dollars to actions, begin a simple search, you’ll truly measure the return on investment from your SEO.

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