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Divan Erasmus

Chapter 02

Section 01


You need to know what you’re optimizing for.


Find the right keywords for your SEO, there’s a lot of data, we can use for our keyword research. Keywords are type into a search engine. Search engines will fetch relevant results for your search, based on everything they know about you and the content on the Internet. Search engines have a hard time understanding what a user is after unless it’s spelled out.


You try one keyword, it doesn’t give what you’re looking for, you get more specific. The bottom line is people all over the world type all kinds of keywords every day, it’s important to understand what they type in so we can optimize our pages for those terms. Keyword research is foundational in SEO, will help understand what people are typing into search engines, how frequently, how relevant those terms are to your objectives, and how competitive those terms will be.


Example: you sell cars. You think the keyword ‘car’ is something to rank for, but doing keyword research, you find that won’t make your list. Even if words get typed into search engines with high frequency, think about relevance. They look for toy cars, to repair cars, rent cars, any one that have nothing to do with buying a car.


Think of people trying to rank for car. This is a competitive term.A Phrase, “buy used camry” not get typed much, it’s extremely relevant not competitive. Keywords will end up on your to optimize for. We understand more about keyword research, time for planning.¬†Keyword research involves structured approach to the discovery of keywords you use in content of your website. A keyword research plan will give data needed to make decisions on which keywords give both the highest relevant and profits for your business.


With queries searched, understand the goals of keyword research, we’re looking for, collect and analyze data to make decisions on site.

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