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Divan Erasmus

Chapter 02

Section 04


Realizing traits of keywords (importance of what keyword to choose).

It’s important to evaluate the attributes of a keyword before you target one with SEO.  Consider three things when choosing keywords: relevance, search volume, and competition.




Ask yourself: Does keyword reflect the nature of the services offered? If yes, you have it. Objective of a search engine: to find relevant content for search term. The way to understand customer search behavior, put yourself in their shoes.


TV example: If you want to buy a TV, how would you search it online?

You’d use specific words like “32 inch flat screen TV.”


if you’re selling 32 inch flat screen TV’s on a page on your website dedicated to them, it’s a relevant keyword. Relevant keywords are more likely to convert than generic words.


Search volume:


“32 inch flat screen TV“ might be relevant and likely to sell, it’s not typed in a Search Engine often.


Search Volume is searches per month for a keyword, a tool like Google Keyword Tool, represented number of searches for the past 12 months.This number is a average, trend patterns are not accounted.If seasonal business, look at Local Trends in Keyword Tool, Google Insights for Search when analyzing keywords.




Is how difficult it’s going to rank in front of competition on search engine.

Unless introducing new product to the market you will find similar, look at the number of pages about a topic, authority, numbers of trusted competing websites, back links to their sites, and more. Evaluating the keyword in Paid Search, or Cost per Click markets.

Advertisers actively bidding on a keyword can show how difficult keywords are on the organic side.And the Google Keyword Tool has a Competition column that shows you this. This tool analyze keywords, and how difficult it would be to rank in search engine’s based on pages and websites listed in searches. (remind me to mention another tool )


Go back to our TV example where we looked at “TV” against ” 32 inch Flat screen tv.”


Long tail keywords don’t get lots of volume but are relevant to our showroom. Keywords like ” 32 inch flat screen tv,” also ” 40 inch LED flat screen TV,” or similar keywords won’t give volume by themselves, but together, could attract lots of relevant, converting visitors to our site.

let competitors go for ” over competitive word” and let your keyword research guide relevant search volume with the least competition.

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