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This is Part 2 Having an SEO strategy Plan

This is also Step 1 of 5 Steps to Building SEO

Step 1 of 5 Steps to Building SEO

View the Proven Medium

What do you need to start an Seo plan?

You would need to define your goals and objectives:

  • Ask yourself what do you what your website to achieve ?

Examples to guide you is given in the Proven Medium

You would need to learn and understand your key audiences and their needs:

  • find out who they are and what tools can you use?

What you need to know will be explained further in the Proven Medium.

What and who you should consider involving in order to reach your goals:

  • Get the right work flowing for specific areas of your website

Focusing on online reputation:

  • What you should be aware of .

Define your procedures:

  • What procedures you need and everything involved

  • What relationships are worth having and what are beneficial connections for your website direction.

The Important thing to note about having an SEO strategy is to following a process to take a look at your own objectives and to define your own success.

It is important to view the Proven Medium to understand this Part of SEO:

As this is the first Step of 5 Steps to building SEO

The Proven Medium

Have you seen PART 1 on what is SEO already?

If you are finished with PART 2 ,

Go to PART 3: What is Keywords research for SEO and Tools to use

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