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Divan Erasmus

Chapter 01.

Section 02.

Before working on getting your website to show in search results, it’s important to understand what those results actually look like.


There are a lot of search engines, they have distinct differences, some common characteristics search engine have are results pages, or SERPs. We’re probably going to find, paid listings. Paid listings differ to organic listings; we’ll be focusing on SEO please understand that even though Google is a major search engine this information isn’t limited based on how to seo in google alone. This content will be important in all major search engines including Microsoft’s Bing and Yahoo search engine.


Paid listings are advertisements, Google’s AdWords or Microsoft’s adCenter allow advertisers place these ads in the search results page. Search engine results page will have 10 organic results that link to web pages. Result might look different, but all have a headline, description, URL.


We’ll be optimizing these elements that may appear in the results. Important thing is the Internet has changed since search engines first appeared, there’s lot of content beyond text and web pages. Search engines are keeping pace, we view web page results and it is best to incorporate, a seo video (there are seo techniques for video), seo images, and even try to seo your products, and maps results.


We have search results that include different kinds of content. Results have video clips that match a search, or show a list of local businesses on a map. Images, prices for a product you can buy. Social search engines return personalized results, news articles your friends have shared. Results show up in variety of ways. You have opportunities for your content to show up in the search engine results.

Understand how search engines show results; understand how to get search engines to show your content above the rest.

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