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Divan Erasmus

How do you get your website in Google search engine results so people using Google can find you?


This is a very important question and it is just as important to find out what this specific process is called. To be found in search result of Google , bing and even Yahoo , you would need to practice what Experts call SEO.


You might Ask What is SEO? Well it is an Abrevietan for the term Search Engine Optimization and guess what?!…  you need to know SEO so your website can show in the best possible page of the search engine result. Search Engine Optimization is very important part of getting your website to show in a very strong order in Google and other search engines.


If you want to Learn how to do SEO you have come to the right place,  follow this link to show you step by step of what SEO is & how to do SEO

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Why don’t you watch this Media below to Understand SEO better:


This is PART 1


If you want to Find out How to do the Five Steps mentioned in the Video


then Continue with the

SEO ROAD MAP To Activating and Switching on your SEO Today


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