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I cover every thing you need to know about SEO even to SEo your blog but If you want to Know About SEO for your website only then go here to Your SEO road map to Switching on SEO for your Website

or Feel free to continue if you want to know how to SEO your Blogger page only


SEO your Blogger

If you are thinking about blogging and you know the importance of SEO for a long term goal of getting a good flow of traffic to your blog and building and maintaining good rankings in Search engine results. You should consider a blogger blog by Google.

Luckily I am not a Google affiliate or promoting their blogger blogspot’s. (just so you know)

However I would like to delve in the details of how to make a blogger blogspot as SEO friendly as much as possible.

First of all Google can give it a better ranking from other Blogs services as they are already a part of Google and that helps with this major search engine.

If you would like a Word press SEO plug-in: (please check this post of  SEO plug-in for WordPress here)

Lets find start with the steps to make your Blogger page SEO friendly:
(Remember that you should still follow the rules and core details of Keyword SEO research as explained in this  previous post section on Keyword research for SEO.)

Step 1
Assuming that you are logged in to your blogger account, Go to bloggers Settings and then you will be greeted with the Basic settings screen where you will need to edit the Title , description and you would need to edit your privacy settings of your blogger account.

Edit the title and descriptions by remembering your keywords researched and adding those keywords in the title and description.


Basic setting page of blogger blogspot step 1

Basic setting page of blogger blogspot step 1


Please make sure your privacy is setting set to show up in search results of blogger and search engine results.

After editing, save your settings, it will also be an advantage to set your not found pages, take the time to set these pages as redirect to appropriate pages by using not found suitable landing pages.

The robot.txt section should be left alone if you have no idea of what to do with it … also use this website to find out how to use robot.txt file on your website as these are mainly used to hide certain pages from search engines.


on the side bar on the left of your blogger, go to “search preferences” within the settings option in blogger and add your meta tags with the keyword you researched for each page of your blog. Remember that it is recommended to have only one keyword per page or blog post. Example: if your post is about SEO then adding the word “SEO” and “search engine optimization” and  more words describing your post and what it is about is called a keyword.

Also while you are creating a post, remember to add in the “Labels”, “Location” and “Search Description” tags  at the  “Post Settings” section on the right side of your posting page:


Labesl and locations details for blogger and blogspot step 3

Labesl and locations details for blogger and blogspot step 3



Step 3
Also Register your Blogger at Google webmaster tools, this will enable Google to receive the site maps of all the pages you have on your blogger page (by submitting them , normally in XML format).

Also be aware that you are able to measure your blog in your webmaster account and see valuable information like page views and even from the sources of the Web Pages you get your visitors from. It is known as Google Analytics  and it also a very good  tool to measure your traffic effectively.

To activate the measuring of your website with Google Analytics or even Google Webmaster tools you should setup it up and this is a link to help you do just that. Google Help link

In short to explain how this is done, Google Webmaster tools supply a unique meta tag that Google generates for your site.

You will need to copy the meta code given by Google webmaster tools to verify your blogger page and you need to add the code in your blog for Google to  activate this service of measuring  your  website.

To add it to your Google blog, you will need to go to your blogger account and on your blog for which you are optimizing , edit the Template of that blog by clicking on the “Edit HTML”.

After clicking on template option in blogger click on “Edit HTML” then make sure to paste the code you received from Google webmaster tools inside the html code of your blog in between the head tag, example: <head> Paste her and don’t edit anything else </head> .

Example of Editing Html of blogger and blog blogspot

Example of Editing Html of blogger and blog blogspot

Make sure to save the template and after a day your Webmaster tools should start to measure all your Webpages data for you.

This SEO guide is for any blogger with his blogspot account. Feel free to Share and your comments are always welcome.

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