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Divan Erasmus

It is known as Google Authorship, and this is your guide to show you how to get your image next to your Google search results.

Have you ever seen some ones image in Google’s search results next to their web page like this?

Divan Erasmus authorship image on google

Please note this is not a guide to show you how to get your images to show in Google search for  images, this guide will show you how to get your photo to show next to your Google website search engine results.


Step 1:

Open a Google Plus account
Get a Google plus account here:


Step 2:

1. Click on the Home panel on the left of your Google plus profile, then Click on settings in your home panel on the left of your Google plus dashboard.

Left menu panel in Google plus for authorship image on googleSetting in Google plus 

2. Now you need to click on the Google+ tab on your left on the Accounts screen and Confirm Email address for your Google plus account.


Confirm email in Google plus

3. Go back to your Google plus profile and add your profile image – don’t worry about the background image for now.


Change profile picture in Google plus

Step 3:

Go back to the Accounts page by clicking on settings in your home panel on the left of your Google plus dashboard.


Setting in Google plus

Step 4:

After you have clicked on Settings, you will be on the accounts page again.
Now click on accounts tap on the left and then click on the “Me on the web” option.
Now you will see 3 headings, click on the “Open your profile” link in the third heading on the “Review your Google plus profile” column (click on the open your profile link only).


Acounts screen in Google plus

Step 5:

Scroll down on your profile till you see “Contributor to” and select the first “edit” link below it.

Now add your website to this Contributor list and save it.


Contributor to in Google plus


Step 6:

Now Go to your website and add your Google profile Url into your website as follow.
Remember you copied your Google plus profile URL.

Now all you have to do is paste your Url in your website html or post, and add two things to that Url (your Google plus profile link on your website)You need to make a link to your Google plus url (Google plus profile).


Example google plus link & url:


The Google Plus link you add on your website and pages


How to make the Google plus author link:

  • The first thing you need to add is: rel=”author”
  • The second thing you need to do is add to your google plus URL is: ?rel=autho


If you have a complete Google plus link, it will look almost like this:


The Google Plus link you add on your website and pages


The rest is just a standard a tag(for html links) around it in this <a> tag,

Make sure to add your rel=”author” in the front of the your google plus url:

now directly add ?rel=author in your google plus url as if it is a part of your google plus Url.


Still having troubles? See this list below:


  1. Make sure you have your correct google plus url (the top url of your google plus profile will do)
  2. Add your website to the Contributor to section of your google plus profile (see fifth step above)
  3. Now go to your website and add your google plus author link on your website
  4. Add rel=”author” and ?rel=author correctly in the link. (mentioned in sixth step)
  5. if you want to see the basic instuctions google gives then click on this link to go to  Google’s basic instructions.
  6.  Now go check it out on Google or use the link to test it out:Google url snippet

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