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Divan Erasmus

UPDATED 27 June 2013

How easy can we explain SEO to make those  grey areas become clear?  You are going to want to see this  SEO road map first and keep in mind it will speed up your SEO plans.

this is your guide, on what is SEO & how to do SEO.

I will briefly mention 3 important points that this information will teach.

1. What is SEO?

2.Why Use SEO?

3. How to do SEO?

(combine these 3 and you have a potent SEO system)





SEO ROAD MAP To Activating and Switching on your SEO Today

This Was Posted  on 18 May 2013

if you would like a presentation format of this very Important First part of the “SEO Road Map”, I have included the silde show presentation to simplify your understanding of SEO.


After you have see the first video or presentation of the FIRST Part of  the “SEO Road Map” above you  will see 5 steps that you would need to focus on as seen above.

This is the 5 Steps you need to focus on for SEO:

Five-steps-to-to-building -SEO

Five-steps-to-to-building -SEO

This is where the next Parts of this ‘SEO Road Map” follow to explain each Step better.

please follow the next parts to understand SEO the best that you possibly can.



Was posted on 24 May 2013

 I believe i am getting better at making videos to explain and make SEO easier to understand.
(Any Advice will be greatly appreciated, good or bad comments as It would help to understand this process better)

Now we need to focus on understanding and following the Steps to Building SEO as seen in PART 1 and PART 2 above.




STEP’s to Building SEO-STEP #2- what is Keyword Research and Keyword tools

Was posted on 31 May 2013

I explaining Keyword Research in alot of detail in this video and be sure to give me feed back to easier understand the best way to make this better for everyone.
(as always Thank you for watching)


STEP’s to Building SEO-STEP #3- How to Create Quality Content for SEO

Was posted on 27 June 2013

It is Part 4 of the Six Parts Of SEO already and here I show you in detail how to create quality content for your SEO and also the best ways of getting content. Make sure to give some feed back or give your ideas as i believe this is the best way to make things better for everyone.
(as always I highly appreciate any and all feed back & Thank you for watching)

Next SEO post:


Next PART 5 – STEP 4 of Building SEO

There are 2 Very, very, very important parts to SEO and this is the Other one as they are the secret ingredients to making the best Possible SEO that you can

Will be posted on 17 August 2013

posted on 17 June 2014


STEP’s to Building SEO – STEP 5- Measure, Maintain & Improve as you check & Switch on SEO

Was posted on 27 June 2013

Everything you do from Part 1 to Part 5 is nothing if you cant properly measure, improve and maintain your SEO and content performance. Dont be fooled this part is every bit as important as all the important parts of SEO.


Do you understand SEO? if you want to understand SEO the best that you possibly can, then this will be your guide for a beginner or even an experienced individual. A guide to make clear what is not with a road map approach to doing SEO.

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