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Divan Erasmus

00     Today we will setup our Google Analytics to see what people search for on our own website using our own search site function to collect important data. How many times have you wondered what people are really looking for and what content is most searched for on your very own website? You can  [ Read More ]

Divan Erasmus

00     This is a quick guide to show you how to setup a “Google Analytic account” for your website to start getting important data as soon as possible.   Measuring and Improving your website is what you need to do as mentioned the in final PART SIX of the Complete¬† 6 Parts of SEO  [ Read More ]

Divan Erasmus

00   Google calls it “Disavow Links”, this is the process of almost manually blocking links from spammy or bad websites that link to you. Backlinks and any form of links from good websites to your website is very important, but what about the links you don’t want ? This is your guide to show you  [ Read More ]

Divan Erasmus
Divan Erasmus Authorship image

00   It is known as Google Authorship, and this is your guide to show you how to get your image next to your Google search results. Have you ever seen some ones image in Google’s search results next to their web page like this? Please note this is not a guide to show you how  [ Read More ]

Divan Erasmus
How to SEO

00   The Internet is a very powerful tool and a part of the way we live today. The World Wide Web is still relatively young for its age and has come a long way to bring information at our fingertips. We use social media sites more frequently however use search sites the most to get  [ Read More ]


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