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Divan Erasmus
SEO needs time

+10    Chapter 01 Section 04   Search Engine Optimization requires work, time, and patience. Throughout we’ll dive into how to SEO is done, before that, set some expectations. SEO is different than other marketing strategies, understanding differences will help us running and measuring a successful SEO Website. Patience is a virtue with SEO. Approach as long-term process,  [ Read More ]

Divan Erasmus
SEO search results

00    Chapter 01 Section 03   There are benefits in having a consistent, ongoing Search Engine Optimization strategy. The first time in marketing, users offer up their intent into search engines, you can measure results of your SEO efforts. Search engines don’t charge for listing your web pages, Implementing SEO in your organization is not free.  [ Read More ]

Divan Erasmus
Search Engine Results Page Example

00   Chapter 01. Section 02. Before working on getting your website to show in search results, it’s important to understand what those results actually look like.   There are a lot of search engines, they have distinct differences, some common characteristics search engine have are results pages, or SERPs. We’re probably going to find, paid listings.  [ Read More ]

Divan Erasmus
Chapter 1 -What is SEO

00    Chapter 01 Section 01 Search Engine Optimization is the process of making improvements in order to gain more exposure in search engine results. Exposure in search engine results will ultimately lead to more visitors finding you for the right reasons. Understand what improvements will affect search engine results, step back and understand the  [ Read More ]


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