Divan Erasmus

Divan Erasmus is an active and entertaining talker who has developed an unique online teaching for both himself and his followers worldwide since 2010.

Divan is a frequent online “school of thought” publisher internationally at numerous online forms and blogs on such subjects as positivity and understanding the importance of living here and now in this time ,

Divan Erasmus

Divan Erasmus

and seeing the gift of life and not the gift of money.

He is the origin and creator of:

• “Divan Eramus.comhis quote is :
The secret ingredient is yourself and it’s needed on the web!”

Divan has lived and worked in several countries including England and United Arab Emirates near to Dubai, he currently resides in his home country in Lovely South Africa with his pet dog Sasha, where he enjoys sketching, Bike riding, tennis even card games with family and friends and listening to John Mayer, Michael Buble, and even some alternative music such as Green-Day.

By Divan Erasmus – Please feel free to connect with me on Google+ or Facebook & Twitter.

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