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This is a quick guide to show you how to setup a “Google Analytic account” for your website to start getting important data as soon as possible.


Measuring and Improving your website is what you need to do as mentioned the in final PART SIX of the Complete  6 Parts of SEO to make your website grow and reach success.

This is your guide to show you the quick setup of Google Analytic Account to get data to Measure and Improving your website to reach success.

If you want to understand why you need this tool and you are not sure what this tool is for please see the Last PART Number SIX of the Six Parts of SEO to understand the importance of a Analytic data & solution for your website.

Once again I want to say that it could be best to first see all the  Six parts of SEO and website success , before you move on with this section on how to setup your “Google Analytic Account” .  Or If you already know exactly what Google Analytic is and you just want start by setting it up for the first time then please read the steps to do so below .

Quick Explanations of Analytic’s:

    • In short Analytic data is used  to see how your website is performing and if your website is reaching its goals.helping you see where you should improve your website more.


    • As mentioned in PART SIX- of Measure, Improve & Maintain you should follow the three continuing steps  known as Measure->Take Action->Learn and start the cycle again to build a successful website. if you are unsure what this means please go to PART 6 so I can show you.



Let us Start

Quick note Before you start is that you would need a Google account to sign up for  a Google Analytic account:

  • Get your Google account  first if you don’t have one at( please note that this is not the Analytic account but a Google main account):


Step 1:

To Open a Google Analytic account click on the link below:


You will see similar page looking like the image directly below and you will need to click on the “CREATE AN ACCOUNT”  button to make an account:


Step 2:

1. After you clicked on “Create an Account” you will see this page below to log in to Google main first:



2. After you logged in to Google first you will see another page as seen below to start signing up for a “Google Analytic Account” and then simply Click on “Sign UP”:




Step 3:

1) After you have completed step 2, you will have a page loaded that will ask you to fill in before you can access your “Google Analytic Account” (seen below),
Make sure to select “website” at the top and fill in all the information as pointed out below.
2) Then select “Universal Analytic” option as it will surely give you access to more features and a verity of functions.




3) At the third point you need to give your website account a name.
4) Enter the URL of your website at point number 4.
5)Now  select what category explains what your website is all about.
6)And Select the Country and also the Time Line seen at point number 6.


7) Make sure you give your website a Account name seen at point number 7.
8) Google want to ask you if you want to share some information with them or not, also seen at point number 8 below.
9) When you have finished filling in the form you can finally click on the    “GET TRACKING ID” button below seen at point number 9.




Step 4:

1. After you completed filling in all the information as mentioned at STEP 3, and if you clicked the “Get tracking ID” button, then you will see a similar page as the one below:



2. On this page as seen above you will be given your “Javascript tracking code” and it will look similar to the example given below :



Step 5:

1. Now copy and Paste your tracking code as seen in Step 4 (given by your Google Analytic Account) and Paste it within your website  HTML code in the header area like the example seen below:



2. Now save your HTML with this  code and upload your html to your website again so the code can start to get the data from your website and send it to your Google Analytic account for you to see.


Final Step:

After you have uploaded your HTML page with your tracking Code as seen in Step 4 & 5, then you would need to wait for 3 hours until some data will start to show in your Google Analytic Account.
 If you want to see where you will view the data on your website go back to your newly created Google Analytic account and click on the report button at the top to see the data (remember there will me noting at the moment as you would need visitors and data will show only after 3 hours. seen in the example below.
Remember there will me no data at the moment and noting will show as you would need visitors first and data will show only after 3 hours. please see the example of your Report page below.



Now that you have setup your website to start measuring data you will see the data showing in your Google Analytic Account after visitors visit your website and after a 3 hour time frame .
You would need to wait at least 3 hours to start seeing data and information showing up in your Analytic account,”Important” Only if you have visitors coming to your website will you see information.
If you do not know how to add the Tracking Code to your HTML page please consult with a webpage designer or ask by commenting below for assistance.



Want more information and support?

  1. Please see Google’s Analytic  support page:
  2. Here is a link to another Google Support blog page :
  3. Once you have added your tracking code please ensure you added it correctly to your HTML website page in between the header tags.
  4. Google Analytic is made to use and  get the information on what visitors are doing on your website and what they are not doing and you should look at the data to improve your website further.
  5. More information will be made and posted to explain Google Analytic more.



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