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Divan Erasmus
SEO Road map

00   UPDATED 27 June 2013 How easy can we explain SEO to make those  grey areas become clear?  You are going to want to see this  SEO road map first and keep in mind it will speed up your SEO plans. this is your guide, on what is SEO & how to do SEO. I will briefly  [ Read More ]

Divan Erasmus
Reach more for seo keywords

00   Chapter 02 Section 04   Realizing traits of keywords (importance of what keyword to choose). It’s important to evaluate the attributes of a keyword before you target one with SEO.  Consider three things when choosing keywords: relevance, search volume, and competition.   Relevance:   Ask yourself: Does keyword reflect the nature of the services offered?  [ Read More ]

Divan Erasmus
Seo blogger blogspot

00    Important Notice: I cover every thing you need to know about SEO even to SEo your blog but If you want to Know About SEO for your website only then go here to Your SEO road map to Switching on SEO for your Website or Feel free to continue if you want to know  [ Read More ]


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