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Divan Erasmus
Google and SEO Tools

00     Chapter 02 Section 03 We understand basics around keyword research, onto tools that will help find more keywords data we need.   Most used is the Google Keyword Tool. This tool provides measure on search volume, improvements on keyword suggestion made it favorable keyword tool in the SEO community, and it’s a free  [ Read More ]

Divan Erasmus
choosing keywords for seo

00     Chapter 02 Section 02 Develop own approach and process doing keyword research, you’ll find that works for you, forget about you, your business, put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Begin with brainstorming and answer key questions. From an organizational perspective, it will force you to look at different areas of your  [ Read More ]

Divan Erasmus
keyword research SEO

00    Chapter 02 Section 01   You need to know what you’re optimizing for.   Find the right keywords for your SEO, there’s a lot of data, we can use for our keyword research. Keywords are type into a search engine. Search engines will fetch relevant results for your search, based on everything they  [ Read More ]


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